6 Steps SEO Audit Process to Boost Your Google Ranking

SEO Audit

What is SEO Audit?

SEO Audit basically means to keep a look on how the website is performing on the search engine. How well it is recognized and how many people come to your website and spend maximum time. This can be done by:

  • Optimizing the content on the website
  • Solving the technical issues
  • Making the website device friendly

The reason for optimizing the content on the website makes sure that people gain real knowledge and make a visit once again for any issue. This allows the reader to spend comparatively more time on your website than others.

When the technical issues are solved it is made sure that your website is properly indexed and it can be recognized easily. Also making the website device friendly will somehow help in increasing the reach to large number of users.

6 step SEO AUDIT process:


URL must consist of https because this ensures confirmed ranking. You have to make sure that one version of your website is accessible. This is a major problem for websites and the most ignored also but this causes the issue of redirection of website. This problem would not even let your website show up in the search results.

Also one more benefit of using https website is that it is more trustworthy and reliable. To solve this problem you can use 301 redirects to direct all the other websites to one chosen URL.


Technical SEO audit includes solving the indexing errors, fixing the broken links or unstructured data on the website. The redirection error which occurs on the website is a part of indexing issue. This changes the way Google algorithm perceives your website. You can use different tools for solving the crawling errors.

You can search for your website on Google and see if there are any issues with the site or pages in the site. Beam us up and screaming frog are great tools that can help you analyze your site.

To check if your site is indexed you can use Google search console. There are some SEO or crawl issues where if you put your exact brand name in the search box then also your website does not show up. To solve this problem you can practice link building. Basically you can run a campaign yourself or take help from other strong hold websites to mention your website’s link on their page. Gradually the website will climb up the search results.

Alternatively you can post the link to your website on social media handles and drive the traffic to your website from there.


SEO on website  means that apart from promotion and advertising your website it is very important to grow it organically and this can only be done by putting quality content so that after the promotion and marketing is over, you can still get the visitors on your website.

After you put the quality content now it comes to promotion and advertising. Word of mouth is the most powerful medium of advertising. If someone is happy spending time on the website, he or she will definitely let others know about it. So make sure you have ample amount of content on the website before you start advertising.

You can use social media to your advantage, promote your website over there and also take help from reputed site owners to help you promote your site.


Ranking your website is not a very difficult task if you apply the right strategy at the right time. The keywords need to be optimized from time to time to keep them relevant and functional. The changes happen from time to time, people start searching some other terms and stop searching some existing terms due to change in trends.

Manual checking includes:

  • Optimize your title, place the most searched and relevant keywords in the title.
  • Optimize the Meta description, provide a short quick description and use the high search volume keywords here. This is most important after title.
  • Then there are H1, H2, etc. tags, H1 is related to title so use the first priority keywords here, then comes the H2 which is related to subheading and further on.
  • After all this the content should be targeted and relevant terms must be mentioned.


The Google algorithm has a very strong capability to detect duplicate content so you should not copy the content from any other site. SEO audit means analyzing organic search traffic. There are people who steal the content of other popular websites and try to rank their own but this is a complete waste of time. You should keep your content unique and relevant so that anyone who visits your website can gain useful information.

Also the optimization and analysis should be done regularly that what all things are working and what are not. This brings result oriented approach. You should remove the things which have become outdated.


Importance of site speed to SEO can be understood by the fact that viewers generally return and head on to other websites if the loading speed is too slow. You can use Googlepage speed insights to have an idea about the site speed, also you can use GTmetrix and Pingdom to know about the site issues. You should have a good hosting service which can keep the site up and running during any time of the day and use compressed images so that the gaps can be fulfilled.


By following the above steps you can definitely make an improvement in your site and these topics can be studied and explored further also. There are some tools that become irrelevant over the time so you can search for the current tools. The SEO process is time consuming but worth it.

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